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Board Meeting Recommendations

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There are a few tricks you can employ to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly and efficiently, regardless of whether you’re having a meeting in person in your boardroom, or a meeting remotely from your couch.

Punctuality, preparation and starting at the right time are excellent ways to get things started. Make sure the board members have all the materials they need prior to meeting. A clear, well-written agenda and distributing them in advance will help keep the meeting focused on the key points to be discussed.

Avoid spending time reading reports — Long reports can quickly drown out board discussion. Review reports of the leadership committee and committee only if you are required to make decisions or oversee the board. The rest can be handled by email or in smaller meetings.

Limit discussions of product roadmaps and features -The direction of a company’s operations should not be based on what the CEO thinks the market wants. If you have to talk about product, focus on the reasons behind your decision to follow certain directions. This will ensure that you are on the right track and prevent the “Enron” effect, where an individual was too detached to see that issues were building up underneath the surface.

Schedule intervals for candor — These short periods of silence will allow board members to discuss issues they aren’t comfortable discussing with their colleagues. They are often necessary to ensure that all viewpoints are heard and that everyone is at ease expressing their opinions.

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